Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Green with Envy

It's March and that means that Saint Patrick's day is upon us! In the spirit of the upcoming celebration, I am sharing some of the items that I am lusting after in shades of green. The real reason for my post is actually twofold. First, I noticed a pattern of pinning a massive amount of green themed items on my Pinterest board entitled "Fashion Wishlist", especially when kate spade released her spring collection last week filled with shades of green, including lush floral prints and bold green stripes. I literally want everything from that collection so I better start saving the green to afford it!

Second, I thought this would be a fun way to try my hand at Polyvore like the rest of the blogging community. I am always behind the ball in terms of trends, especially when those trends involve technology. So below you will see my feeble attempt to put together a Polyvore set. Enjoy!

Green with Envy

1. Kate Spade Yarn Dyed Fit and Flare Dress here
2. Anthropologie Rainforest Skirt by Tracey Reese here
3. Kate Spade Garden Leaves Poplin Skirt here
4. Zara Front Pleat Printed Skirt here
5. Zara Croc Mini City Bag here
6. Zara Floral Top and Skirt here

Shop my picks for Green with Envy here:

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Stripes and Ruffles On a Cloudy Day

The weather has taken a turn for the dark and stormy the last couple of days, not that I am complaining. The grey, cool weather has given me a chance to don some of the things in my closet that I rarely get to wear, for example this trench coat from Anthropologie. I absolutely had to have this coat when it came out a years ago, eventually finding it at an Anthropologie in Las Vegas. Despite my frantic quest to obtain it, I find that it doesn't get much use because I actually rarely wear coats out here in Los Angeles. 

Underneath my ruffly coat, I went for sort of a Mod Squad inspired look with the big over-sized sunglasses (we actually had glimpses of sun today and regardless I like to keep incognito), black and white striped dress and to finish it off, a pop of bright red.  It's always nice to throw in a hint of color, especially on a grey day like today!  

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Dress: LOFT Embellished Stripe Sweatshirt Dress: here
Trench: Anthropologie "Clinton"
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Vince Camuto "Louise" clutch: here
Tights: Vera Wang
Sunglasses: Prada "Baroque" 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Going Dutch

Fashion and art tend to go hand and hand together. One example would be the trend this season for what I and apparently J. Crew would call the "Dutch Floral" print. These floral prints are directly inspired by the dark, moody and sumptuous still life paintings done by Dutch artists in the 17th century. Google "Dutch Floral" or "Dutch Still Life" and you will see plenty of these types of pictures that my dress today pays homage to.

While J. Crew came up with several pieces in this style of floral for Fall/Winter, my dress today is actually an "inspired by" version, or if it were a painting I guess it would be a "forgery" of J. Crew.  It gives you the beauty of this type of print, but at a slightly more affordable price at $29.99. Now all I need to do is wait for an exhibit of Dutch still lives to come to my local museum and I'll blend right in with my affordable floral frock!

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Rachel the Hat 

Dress: Forever 21 here
Sweater: Kohls 
Shoes: Miu Miu similar here
Bag: Clare V. Leopard fold over "Supreme" clutch here
Necklace: LOFT
Sunglasses: Prada "Baroque"

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What's in a Name?: The Hello Kitty Exhibit

I am not sure that I've ever explained the name of my blog and come to think about it, I am not exactly sure where it came from. Hello Katie Girl was my screen name when I joined the Purse Forum years ago and then it somehow evolved into my blogging alter ego. Over time it just stuck. So it was only fitting that someone with a blog named after the famous cartoon kitty should visit the Hello! The Super Cute World of Hello Kitty exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. This exhibit had it all: art, fashion, food, toaster ovens all covered with the adorable visage of Hello Kitty. What's not to love?

Below you will see my journey into the super cute world of Hello Kitty. And what a journey it was! I learned things that I never knew about Hello Kitty. For example, did you know that her favorite food is apple pie? Or that her best friend is a gold fish? The exhibit also posses important philosophical questions such as: can you ever have too much cute? After you see this blog post you can be the judge of that!

Apparently Hello Kitty all started in 1974 with this plastic coin purse. It's the coin purse that launched a thousand (or more) kitties!

The first part of the exhibit focuses on the numerous products that Hello Kitty has been featured on. Hello Kitty is unique because she was not a cartoon strip or TV series like other cartoon characters. She's strictly featured on commercial items, from bikes to lunch boxes and even a commercial jet. Hello Kitty endorses it all. You'll see some of the many examples depicted below.

Hello Kitty Robot 

Hello Kitty on your mundane, everyday necessities, such as Ducktape and toilet paper.

Going to school with Hello Kitty backpacks.

I have the bike featured below but in pink. Mine also has Hello Kitty faces all over the seat, which makes it even more awesome!

Hello Kitty Bento boxes are what's for lunch!

One of my favorite things about the exhibit were some of the curator's comments regarding various things. For example this one about men and Hello Kitty.

And here's the proof...

The second floor of the exhibit is dedicated to how Hello Kitty has recently influenced popular culture in terms of both fashion and art. Apparently Hello Kitty is quite the muse as you will see from the artwork she has inspired below.

Obviously the fashion was my favorite part of the exhibit. Below you will see some outfits inspired by Hello Kitty, the first of which are dresses worn on America's Next Top model and the others were worn by celebrities, including Lady Gaga.

Cute or too cute? Well, I'll leave that up to you. I hope you enjoyed my journey through the world of Hello Kitty. If you are in Los Angeles, I highly recommend dropping by to see this exhibit. It's not only cute, but whimsical and fun and they give you a Hello Kitty crown as the embarrassing picture below attests to. (I had to purchase the shirt.) What's not to love?

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