Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Splash of Color

I think by now everyone knows that I love color, especially when applied to a painterly, artistic print. For these reasons, I was drawn to this adorably playful and colorful print featured on my latest dress from SheIn. With so many colors found in my multi color flare dress, it was a little hard to decide on which accessories to pair the dress with, but I decided to "go bold, or go home" and double down on equally bright accessories in the form of a cobalt blue cardigan, necklace and yellow bag.

The same philosophy of opting for bright colors holds true for the background I selected, which is quite obviously a gigantic orange wall. While editing these pictures, I couldn't help but to notice that the orange color of the wall is distinctly "Cheetos Orange". This thought triggered a rather Pavlovian reaction of salivation just at thought of the delicious cheesy snack!

To go along with the theme of a painterly print or items that are bold in color and aesthetic, here are some other selections from SheIn that are on my wish list for spring and summer:

Dress: c/o SheIn here
Sweater: J. Crew
Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma in "Citron" budget friendly version here
Sandals: J. Crew similar here
Sunglasses: Steve Madden

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Geometric in Eagle Rock

These pictures were taken in my old stomping grounds of Eagle Rock, California where I went to undergraduate school at Occidental College. Like many areas in Los Angeles, Eagle Rock is now undergoing a gentrification process where hip new dinning establishments, shops, colorful walls and yoga studios are cropping up in the downtown area. The funniest thing I saw during my last visit to Eagle Rock was a realtor's sign that literally read "Hipster Open House". That sign pretty much said it all. When I went to school there, the area was just on the cusp of this movement, but now it's clearly in full swing.

My husband and I were actually on our way to our favorite Polish restaurant in the area, which to be quite honest is the only Polish restaurant I know of, when I spotted this wall. It matched the geometric print of my skirt just perfectly! When I was in college, I would have never imagined that I would have a blog, because I am pretty sure blogs didn't exist at the time, but even if they did, I probably wouldn't have known because technology is not my forte! It wasn't back then and it certainly isn't now, which just goes to prove that while some things change, others will always remain the same.

Shirt: Zara
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: J. Crew "Valentina"
Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma
Sunglasses: Prada

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Buggin' Out

Have you ever had one of those days where you are so tired that your entire body feels like it was hit by a train? This week has been a string of those days. In fact, as I was taking these pictures after work, I think I was pretty much on the brink of dozing off. So, it's very fitting that I took these pictures at a train station and railroad museum. Originally I just liked the exterior of the building with its pale yellow walls, but as I am writing this I can't help but to notice the thematic connection with my opening sentence for today's post!

While I might be buggin' out about how exhausted I am, I am also buggin' out in a more positive sense over this new short-sleeved sweatshirt with jewel-encrusted bugs. When it first arrived in the mail I thought that it was a little small upon taking it out of the box, but I actually like the more fitted feel as opposed to a big baggy sweatshirt feel, which can often look too casual. I was relieved upon trying it on and being content with the fit that my sweatshirt was one less thing in my life to bug out about!

Below are some bug-themed items for spring, which include everything from bees that seem to be buzzing around everywhere this season, especially in Kate Spade's spring line, to dragonflies and flowers.

Sweatshirt: Banana Republic here
Skirt: J. Crew Striped no. 2 Pencil
Clutch: Vince Camuto
Shoes: J. Crew Valentina
Sunglasses: Prada here

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Made in the Shade

I've always been a clothes horse, but accessories usually took a backseat to my addiction to clothing. About five years ago I started getting into bags and shoes and now I have moved on to sunglasses. Living in Los Angeles means that sunglasses are part of your daily wardrobe all year around. I don't have a ton of sunglasses, but I think it's nice to have a handful of unique, signature ones. For a while it was my Prada "Baroque" round sunglasses with the curly q temples. (My father-in-law makes a joke about them every time I wear them, so now you understand where my husband's biting wit about my wardrobe comes from!) Now, I have moved on to more colorful options like these turquoise and tortoiseshell ones from Stella McCartney.   

Now that summer is here, I can think of about a million things I want to wear these turquoise shades with, especially some of my wardrobe that is in hues of pink because who doesn't love the retro feel of pink (especially hot pink) and turquoise together? Today I am wearing these shades with one of my all time favorite skirts featuring a plethora of shoes. I love this skirt because the shoes are so colorful that it is a cinch to match it to just about anything in my wardrobe.

In honor of my brand new shades, I am featuring some other sunglasses below. While some are more traditional, I tried to pick others with unique styles or colors that would definitely make a statement this summer because, as I stated before, sunglasses are a great way to create a signature look in your wardrobe.

Shirt: Old Navy similar chambray style
Skirt: Eva Franco
Bag: Coach similar pink cross body
Shoes: J. Crew similar gold flats
Sunglasses: Stella McCartney
Watch: Kate Spade gold bow watch

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fickle Floral

From coast to coast, I think most people are finding the weather patterns this spring to be fickle, to say the least. California is a little more temperate than the east coast, but we have had a lot of back and forth from hot, summer-like weather to cooler, rainy weather, which again is better than a few feet of snow in the middle of April. The springlike floral photos below were taken last weekend and within the 15 minute time span of taking the photos, the weather fluctuated between being extremely sunny to dark and overcast. This alternated several times, ultimately culminating in a huge rain storm.

Much like the weather, my attitude towards this skirt was also somewhat fickle. I loved the floral pattern and the vibrant colors, but I hesitated about buying yet another floral skirt. I also wanted to get it for the lowest price possible, so I debated between buying it online or in-store at J. Crew. I finally bit the bullet and went through with the purchase in-store. I am glad that I did, because I am finding it to be a very versatile piece in my wardrobe, although perhaps not the best article of clothing to wear on a rainy day!

Skirt: J. Crew here
Sweater: J. Crew similar
Jacket: Banana Republic similar
Bag: J. Crew "Edie"
Bag Charm: Etsy more pom pom charm options here
Shoes: J. Crew "Valentina" Pumps factory version here
Sunglasses: Steve Madden

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Jumping for Joy for Fun Flats

I have to warn you that the the pictures you see below were taken last Saturday, which just happened to be the day that my spring break started, so if I look particularly happy, you'll know the reason why. As I am writing this, I notice that my mood is noticeably more somber than last week! Another thing that I will disclose is that these pictures were taken at Ikea, so you might recognize the signature blue wall behind me as being distinctly "Ikea Blue". I always leave Ikea with my belly full of delicious Swedish meatballs and a shopping cart full of trinkets from their home department. On this particular trip I picked up a few dishtowels, plates and an orchid that I am sure will be dead by the end of the month, but it will be pretty as long as I can keep it alive! Because Ikea is such a fun place, I thought I would wear my Kate Spade Taxi Flats, which are fun, but functional, not to mention comfy.

Since I am a fan of fun shoes, especially flats, I've added some selections below that would be great on a jaunt to Ikea or to any other place you might want to go this spring/summer. Statement flats are definitely a great way to add a little something fun or unexpected to any outfit!


Sweater: J. Crew Factory similar here
Pants: J. Crew Patio Pants here
Shoes: Kate Spade taxi flats
Bag: Kate Spade "Nora" Cross Body similar here
Sunglasses: Steve Madden similar here

Just as a side note, I sometimes like to try new things with my blog and therefore I thought I would go for some "action shots". Below are the "best" results of that experiment. The experience reminded me of America's Next Top Model when the models are forced to do some crazy challenge, but they must make sure they are "smizing" and their arms and hands look posed in a "high fashion" manner. I actually think I did okay for someone who is jumping wildly off of a ledge, but I chastised my husband for cutting off my hand in the one picture and the shoes in the other! Unfortunately I can't afford the photographers who work for Vogue and Elle. In fact, my husband does his work for free, so I better not say anything more that might cause him to go on strike!