Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stars and the City

My husband probably doesn't want me to disclose the fact that he was actually the one who got me hooked on the show Sex in the City, but it's true! Maybe it was the clothes or the astute observations on relationships, or that it's essentially a love letter to New York City (where I was living at the time), but I became addicted to the show once my husband, then boyfriend, suggested I watch it. I'm talking about Sex in the City today because two reoccurring motifs from the show can be found in today's outfits: tulle skirts and Chinese food.

First, the skirt is a pretty obvious nod to Carrie's penchant for tulle ballerina style skirts. Although I love this skirt, my husband told me he didn't much care for it, to which I retorted "It's fabulous and you know it!" much like what Carrie told Burger after he insulted her hat. I say this a lot to my husband about my clothes or accessories. Just like many of the men on the show, my husband doesn't seem to "get" certain things about women's fashion.

Secondly, I brought up Chinese food because we ate at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants the day I wore this. Yes, it's a little dressy for such casual dining, but I am never one to shy away from being overdressed and "fabulous" for the occasion. For those of you who are also fans of Sex in the City, Chinese food seems to somehow work its way into the plot of many episodes, be it Carrie having a tantrum over Big taking her to a dimly lit Chinese restaurant because she thinks he is embarrassed to be seen with her in public or the episode where Miranda becomes self conscious when the woman on the phone laughs at her for ordering the same menu items for takeout every night.

Well, as you can see, I'm definitely a Sex in the City aficionado and because my husband is too, we also have a lot of inside jokes about the series. All joking aside, however, the one of the thing that amazes me is that the wardrobe for that show still looks impeccably fresh and modern, even though it premiered nearly twenty years ago.  (Fresher, perhaps than greasy Chinese food, but equally satisfying!)

Skirt: Anthropologie similar star tulle skirt here and here
Shirt: H&M similar here
Belt: Target similar here
Shoes: Kate Spade here and here
Bag: Kate Spade similar here and here
Sunglasses: Prada here

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Western Wear

I love unique and colorful bags, like this one depicting a kitschy Western desert scene. Although I don't get a lot of use out of it, whenever I do take it out, it always feels like a special occasion. This occasion, however, wasn't particularly special, as I was just getting tacos with my husband and father-in-law. A fun fact about the outing was that my father-in-law asked me what the "V" on my handbag stood for and then answered his own question by surmising that it stood for "very expensive". Anyway, the other thing that I tend to do when I wear my "Western" inspired bag, in addition to fielding questions from in-laws, is wear it with some sort of check pattern. In this case, it's a black and white check shirt dress. The somewhat Western-looking black and white check seems to match the bag just perfectly!

To play up the Western theme of my bag, I added boots and a denim jacket to the checked shirt dress. For a little touch of glamour, I put on my new pair of white Celine sunglasses that seem to go with just about everything. (I seriously think they are now my favorite pair!) Below I've linked to some other similar dresses and items featuring a check print, which, unlike my bag, are all a steal at under $30! (It would make my father-in-law proud!) You can definitely dress all of them up or down or go for a Western inspired feel like my ensemble today.

Dress: Old Navy here, similar style here
Jacket: H&M similar denim jacket here
Boots: Christian Louboutin similar here
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Sunglasses: Celine similar white sunglasses here and here

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Zebra Parade

The clearance game at J. Crew is strong and, believe me, I am taking full advantage of it! I was surprised that many of the popular items that I thought would be out of stock have been sticking around or popping back up on the J. Crew website. For example, many of J. Crew's zebra themed items, which I thought were wildly poplar, can still be found at deeply discounted prices. Originally, I thought I would buy just one zebra piece in the form of a red cardigan, but when J. Crew started putting other zebra related items on clearance, I had to add to my collection! So, yes, I think I actually purchased every single zebra item J. Crew made this year, from this Tippi sweater to a little silk scarf that also features these galloping striped steads!

Upon purchasing this sweater, I wasn't quite sure what I would wear it with, but it turns out that it goes with numerous things in my wardrobe. It's always nice to get an item for a great price and to also be able to get a lot of wear out of it. Today I am wearing it with my Marimekko for Banana Republic dot skirt for a fun and playful take on this zebra motif. Who knows where these zebras will pop up next in my wardrobe?

Sweater: J. Crew zebra Tippi sweater here, cardigan version here
Shirt: J. Crew
Skirt: Banana Republic/Marimekko similar dot skirt here
Clutch: J. Crew satin envelope clutch here
Shoes: ASOS silver loafers here
Sunglasses: Prada Baroque sunglasses here

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Silver Lining To My Wall Woes

I wore this outfit to go to a quaint French restaurant that looks like a tiny castle in North Hollywood. I selected the restaurant because it was listed as one of the few places that still has really good beef Wellington (one of my favorite dishes) and it just so happened to be about five minutes away from a gorgeous purple rainbow wall that's been on my L.A. wall list for quite some time. I discovered the wall on another blogger's "wall guide", which was convenient because it provided the exact location for the spot, taking a lot of guesswork out of the equation...or so I thought.

When we arrived at the location it was just a random street with apartments and the purple wall was nowhere in sight! Plus, it just didn't look like a place where you would find street art. I thought perhaps I had the address incorrect, so I double checked as we drove down a few other streets in search of my illusive purple wall. Because it was getting dark and no wall was in sight, I opted for the next best thing before our diner reservations: a kind of gray-blue periwinkle wall that was part of a Thai restaurant across from a very busy Taco Bell. It wasn't the most glamorous location, but it did match my outfit! (Fun fact: I had to edit out the reflection in my sunglasses of the red taillights of the cars in the Taco Bell drive thru!)

Well, the fact that my wall couldn't be found was really irking me. Did they paint over it? Did the blogger give me the wrong address? I Google Earthed the location and saw that there was a bike path on the other side of where the apartments were and I remembered noticing something like a bike path when we were there. Then all of the pieces started to come together: the bike path was where all the murals were and I didn't realize it at the time! I felt like the Miss Marple of colorful blog wall mysteries! I am resolved this spring to come up with my own wall guide for the LA area and I think as a result of this experience I am going to add helpful tips like parking or heads-up about walls that are hidden on bike paths so that you won't have to do the detective work!

Skirt: Zara similar silver styles here, here, and here
Sweater: J. Crew "Holly" sweater here
Bag: Gucci similar here and here
Shoes: J. Crew Factory similar mint pumps here
Necklace: J. Crew similar here
Sunglasses: Celine here and similar white sunglasses here


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Vegas, a Museum Mecca?

When one thinks of Las Vegas, museums are probably not the first things that pop into one's mind, however the city is actually home to some amazing and quirky museums that offer a great break from the gambling, dining, shopping and other vices that beckon to you while in Sin City.

My husband and I usually take an annual trip to Las Vegas, and over the last few years or so we've made a point to do at least one sort of random, obscure thing during our stay, be it going to the world's largest gift shop, the pawn store where Pawn Stars is filmed, or, as we've done on the last several trips, visit a wacky museum. In this post, I'm highlighting my three favorite museums of Las Vegas, all of which I highly recommend for guests of all ages, as there's truly something for everyone at each!

The Neon Museum - This one's my favorite, because it's pure eye candy! Plus, there's a lot of great history about Vegas' past as told through these beautiful neon signs. What this museum essentially offers is an outdoor space called "The Boneyard" that features over 200 vintage neon signs that once graced the casinos, restaurants, hotels and other hot spots from the city.

My tip for this museum is to make sure you book a tour in advance, as they often sell out quickly and you can't take a self-guided tour through "The Boneyard". Also, make sure you have your camera ready. I took what seemed like a million pictures and I could still go back and take a million more. Plus, the tour moves rather quickly, so you'll be snapping photos and trying to soak up the history simultaneously! Check out my original post, Knee Deep in Neon for more on the Neon Museum.

The Clark County Museum - This one truly has something for everyone because it covers the history of Nevada from prehistoric times to the present, so there's a lot to see. Inside the museum they have information on everything from the native flora and fauna of Nevada to gambling paraphernalia.

My favorite part of this museum, aside from the Beard of Knowledge (of Pawn Stars fame) strolling around, is Heritage Street, which is a collection of restored historical homes depicting life from various decades in Nevada. When we went over the holidays, they had not only decorated, but they also offered a cool recipe at each historical home. In the second picture below, you'll see me posing as a 1950s housewife. Now that I think about it, I still need to make the recipe for shrimp cocktail that I picked up there! For some more pictures of the Clark County Museum, see Stripes off the Strip.

The Mob Museum - This is the museum that we went to on our most recent visit to Las Vegas. One tip I have about this place is that it does get pretty crowded, or should I say "mobbed" during late morning through early afternoon, so probably the best time to visit is late afternoon when most people have moseyed on back to the strip. This museum highlights the history of organized crime, not just in Las Vegas, but nationwide. One of the highlights that you'll see in the museum is the actual wall where the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre occurred. They also had a pretty cool exhibit on women's fashion in the 1920s, which really didn't have any clear connection to the mob, but it was about fashion so I was happy!

So next time you're in Las Vegas and you've seen one too many blackjack tables or had your fill of the buffets, check out what these amazing museums have to offer. You'll definitely have a unique experience, learn something, and probably have some fun stories to tell about the adventure!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fair Isle Fairy

Whenever I get a new Fair Isle sweater, my first instinct is to pair it with a tulle skirt. I'm not sure why I'm inclined to do this, but there's something I like about the juxtaposition of a more casual sweater with the dressiness of the tulle skirt. I first did this combination last year, which prompted my husband to call me a Nordic Fairy! Looking back at that post, I can see that this outfit, save for the shoes and a different style Fair Isle sweater, is almost exactly the same. I actually wore this outfit on New Year's Day, as I thought the tulle skirt and glitter shoes would add a festive touch. Next year, I am sure that I will probably have a new Fair Isle sweater and a new spin on this quirky combo.

Sweater: J. Crew Holly Fair Isle sweater here and here
Skirt: Kohl's similar tulle style here and here
Bag: Gucci similar here
Sunglasses: Prada
Necklace: J. Crew similar here

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Check Out My Wolfstooth!

Houndstooth is one of my favorite patterns, perhaps because it is a classic, but at the same time can be made fresh and modern. Lately, I've seen a lot of designers do houndstooth in an array of colors or alter the print to make it more graphic.  Take, for example, J. Crew's playful interpretation on the classic houndtooth pattern with a graphic twist, which they renamed "wolfstooth". I suppose the choice to swap out the "hound" for "wolf" in the name is due to the fact that they enlarged the print for a much fiercer look, although perhaps I am just over-thinking the name!

I have quite a few pieces in houndstooth, including one dress by Kate Spade, but I liked the frills on this J. Crew dress and also the fact that it can easily be worn all year round. For winter, I paired it with a yellow turtleneck underneath, tights and what's now becoming my signature pink coat for a Mod Squad, 60s inspired look. Come spring, I'll probably wear the dress on its own or maybe try it with a light blazer on top. As you can see, the possibilities for the dress are endless! Plus, J. Crew also make pants in this wolfstooth print that I might entertain purchasing when they go on sale.

If you are wondering about the location of these pictures and what the deal is with all of the Lego people, these photos were actually taken on our recent trip to Las Vegas. There is a new park and theater outside of the Monte Carlo. I saw pictures of these Lego art installations in the M Life magazine provided to hotel guests and I thought it would be fun to go find them, which it was. The figures come in a variety of different colors (although I couldn't find the blue one!) and sit in a variety of posses, such as one who is practicing yoga and the one above who looks like he's checking me, or my wolfstooth dress, out!

Dress: J.Crew Wolfstooth Flounce Dress here and here / pant version here and here
Sweater: J. Crew similar here
Bag: Coach similar here
Shoes: Zara similar style here
Sunglasses: Celine similar white sunglasses here and here